Why Your Leadgen is Not Working

Are you accepting the meagre results you get from your marketing efforts as “probably about as good as it gets”?    

Here are 9 reasons why.

  1. You talk about what you do: Your message is too much about what you do, when you should be focused on what your audience really wants
  2. Too many “Me Too” features: “quality service”, “work guaranteed” etc., are all normal expectations, what about the real benefits for your clients.
  3. You don’t understand your audience: you’re not Identifying the problems, frustrations, uncertainties, and annoyances your prospects have
  4. Your marketing is tactical not strategic: what you say and how you say it are way more important than the media you use.
  5. A focus on the “now” buyers: this does little to nothing to educate those who are just thinking about it right now but who might buy later
  6. You don’t need a website: having an expensive website is not necessary to generate quality leads.
  7. you’re wasting your marketing dollars: you don’t have a system to track or measure results so how do you know if your marketing is even working let alone giving an ROI.
  8. you don’t understand the buyer’s journey: they know what they want, they just need to understand why they should buy from you.
  9. you don’t follow up: as high as 97% of your audience are not going to buy now so you forget about them, and they are typically gone forever

Which one stood out for you?